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City of Fort Worth Bug - March 5, 2013

In partnership with Ignite It Group, created a car wrap for a Volkswagen Bug that will debut this spring.
The car is a part of The City of Fort Worth's recycling initiative and will be seen at city wide at various events
and more. The idea came from the city's Code Compliance department's messaging saying that brush and
bulk trash can be be picked up curb side as long as it is under the size of a VW Bug.


They charge us with the task of designing art work for a cut out of the car with a "1970's psychedelic" look that emphasized a relationship of recycling and community upkeep in harmony with nature. They used this
cut out at certain presentations and internal meetings. Along with this, postcards, hand outs and other
direct marketing pieces were designed featuring the car such as this hand out below.

As popularity for the car's design grew, it was questioned whether or not it would become
a real car. After a few meetings were held, city officials decided to make buy several actual 2013 VW Bugs in order to make an actual car wrap.


Ignite It Group, again, reached out to us to finish up the car's overall look. After some study and rearranging of the art, he came up with a 360 degree look and feel for the
car based on a dye for the 2013 VW Bug. The design was approved quite quickly and
was formatted for the live model. On March 4, the car was completed and ready to hit
the streets!

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