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City of Fort Worth’s Chuck Silcox
Animal Shelter Mural
- April 21, 2015

Since 2010, We have had the pleasure of working with the City of Fort Worth in cooperation with Ignite It Group. Over the years we have created a vast variety of work from direct mail to bill boards
all the way to car wraps and tshirts. But after hearing of my work out side of design, city officials requested that Lawrence Alexander participate in a new way: mural painting. He jumped at the opportunity to create in such a way and to see, what he would come up with.


As usual, Lawrence provided three different designs for the client to choose. They went with a design using silhouettes of  dogs and cats with color bands illuminating from them. Much like aura bands.
It is said that caring for pets can raise the emotional vibration in some people, and, the right pet can have a deep connection to the owner and help with emotional healing and companionship.

It was explained to Lawrence by the contact from Ignite It Group that we would be painting with
other volunteers from BNSF who will be livening up the place with new colors by painting a new color
pallet in the lobby of the adoption center. This became a wonderful community event as Lawrence
was able to merge the colors with his own project. The advantage was that Lawrence was free to
use many colors for my assigned wall.


The result was a lively and energetic design that was created in short of seven hours. No stencil
was involved as Lawrence was able to draw the shapes freely by hand. We hope this art will greet

 visitors for years to come.

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