The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary, New York City - November 8, 2014

In the spring of 2013, Lawrence Alexander created a poster of the classic 80's martial arts movie,
The Last Dragon. He simply re-told the story in my own style and manner with a manga flare. What
resulted was a great deal of attention as it became one of our highest selling prints!!! He didn't
realize how much this movie affected the world and the generation that we are a part of. It got so
much attention that the man who played the lead character of the movie, Taimak, bought a few
prints himself!!

Fast forward a year later, Lawrence was prompted by someone from The Last Dragon Tribute site to
enter a poster design contest. The winner will receive a free table to showcase and sale art at the

Urban Action Showcase in November of that year. Not being one to pass on a opportunity, Lawrence
entered and WON!

The day of the show was such a rush. Everything started early Saturday morning at a hotel in Times Square. While setting up his art Lawrence saw people he grew up watching like Ernie Reyes, Jr., Grand Master Ron Van Clief, Willie "Bam" Jackson, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Taimak himself! This was all so overwhelming as being star struck was quickly coming over him. What we didn't know that this was a multi level showcase that included a comic-con type vibe that featured many African-American comic book artist and other vendors that displayed holistic and other martial arts related products. There was also a martial arts tournament and demos in the other sections of the floor along with meet and greets with various celebrities.

But Lawrence was there for a mission. He was there to show my art and show New York how we do things in Dallas! It was such an honor to be around such artist as my friends, Mauro Balcazar, a digital artist from New Jersey that share a similar drawing style as Lawrence, and Will Western, a muralist and sports artist from Minnesota. People there gave so much energy and, more importantly, bought many prints. Lawrence even gave a tutorial on how he created some of the pieces them in his sketchbook.

Afterwards, Lawrence attended a screening of The Last Dragon at the AMC Theater in Times Square. Lawrence briefly ran into Taimak in the lobby along with hundreds of fans of the film. The energy was so vibrant and alive as they showered participants with love and affection. It was an honor to be there and share in a celebration of a film that impacted so many people's lives. There are so many pictures and moments to share. Feel free to click on the link below to see pictures and videos from Lawrence's adventure.

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